Procter & Gamble, Paris France

Infrastructure Upgrade for P&G

We, IT Concierge, were appointed to join a P&G cutover project in Paris, as a local provider, in order to assist/complete P&G, OSBT and Verizon teams for this project.

P&G Paris Cutover, July 2020

Deployed a project of infrastructure Upgrade for P&G Paris

The Work Included:
  • Identification and allocation of the right staff for the project
  • Assistance planning; completed the project plan
  • On site deployment
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Final report of lessons learned
Deployment Included:
  • Switches and Routers upgrade
  • Server upgrade/replacement
  • Finalized on site configuration of switches and routers (with remote support)
  • Finished cabling to extend the wi-fi network
  • Configured and Installed over 80 Aps
Project Duration: 2 Weeks
Staff / Team
  • 2 CCNA level engineers
  • 4 cabling engineers
  • IT Concierge provided and managed the that staff for the operation
Provided by the Customer:
  • 1 facilitator on site, (local access logistic, etc)
  • 2 engineers were provided by the ISP, worked remotely
  • 1 project manager worked remotely
  • 1 Network architect provided guidance and remote support
  • 1 Network administrator provided guidance and remote support

Our project manager (CCNA) from the IT Concierge team communicated on a daily basis with the customer’s PM (daily update in the form of a progress report).

He also liaised with external providers and the local customer contacts on site in order to coordinate and perform the work on site.

He, the PM provided a daily progress report.

Lessons Learned

We provided a final report including a lesson learned report (applying PMP/PMI standards)

Point to Improve:
  1. Discrepancy between site survey and what was found on site
    • Rack elevation of switches (labelling) did not match.
    • The site survey was outdated and incomplete; equipment was added/removed after the survey, that caused time waste during the deployment.
    • We advise to review the site survey or to perform a more recent site survey before cutover
  2. Roles & Responsibility
    • We advised to review and clearly define roles and responsibilities before the project start
    • In this project roles were not clearly defined
    • The problems that generated were technicians getting a lot of requests from different partners/customer, also customer contacted directly our techs asking to perform tasks that are out of scope
    • This can also be confusing for onsite teams, discouraging and bad for a project
  3. Rights and access (planning)
    • Access to working places & equipment
    • Badges with the technical room access are necessary to perform onsite work,
    • Problem: techs spent time running around trying to find someone to open the doors.
    • Remote access to devices
    • We reckon that accessibility to remote devices has to be done first, so remote engineers can set to do their work Problems: on site techs spent hours waiting impacts the budget
    • In view of these problems, this is what we recommend:
      • Local access rights Access to the Local network facilitates the work. (even if it is restricted)
      • At least the team leader / the network engineer, having a company computer with an internet access, Customers often provide us with a company PC or Laptop with local right to do the job.
  4. Meeting time
    • We advise to decide what meetings are important to attend (for our teams)
    • Problem: Meeting: We lost at least 30mn per meeting. Equivalent to 3h or more per day
Starting times

Improve by synchronizing starting times with other teams, often teams waited hours before they could start working.

Date July 2020
Client Procter & Gamble