Air Liquide – Lincoln Electric

Network Infrastructure Renewal & Server Virtualization

Lincoln Electric acquired Air Liquide Welding in 2017. After the acquisition the company had to homogenize their systems. We, IT Concierge were appointed as sub-contractor to help the Lincoln Electrics IT Team with the migration of 4 sites in France, starting from site survey to cutover.

Apart from the site survey, the project had 3 sections that were run in parallel

  1. Network Infrastructure Renewal: Switches, Routers and Wi-fi renewal, IDF MDF in offices and in the factory. (IT Concierge)
  2. Server Virtualization: Migrated all physical serves to VMware vSphere in a Dell PowerEdge data server. Decommissioned al servers (IT Concierge)
  3. Desktop Migration; from Win 7 to Windows 10 (including laptops) that was done by the customer (Air Liquide, Lincoln Electrics)
  4. Application Migration: done by the customer (Air Liquide, Lincoln Electrics)

There was some interdependence between these 3 parts, and often we have to wait to finish one task to start the other, as the standard for that deployments we all followed a runbook, each team was in sync to perform his tasks and the runbook was updated and reports were provided to stakeholders in a daily basis (often twice a day)

The runbook was provided by the customer chief information officer’s team (CIO of Air Liquide, Lincoln Electrics)
We Co-managed this project with the CIO of Air Liquid international (Lincoln Electric US and Holland)

Our part was the Server and Network deployment sections (Windows clients were managed by another PM but we were in sync with them, specially at the moment of the server’s virtualization)

Our work Included:
  • Initial site survey for 6 sites in France
  • Amendment and Completion of the project plan
  • Managed the external providers teams in France
  • Assisted on the elaboration of the completion report of the project
  • Virtualized all serves in all locations (VM ware)
  • Upgraded the cabled network and all switches and routers
  • Installed around 50 Aps in each site
  • Coordinated actions with the applications and the Workstation migration teams

We provided and managed the staff of 5 technicians for the operation 2 CCNA level techs + 3 techs (cabling and handymen) in every site

Project duration: 4 months

Last but not least, we provided a daily advance report with the stakeholders and external providers, and provided a final report including a lesson learned report (applied PMP/PMI standards)

Date 2018
Client Lincoln Electric Air Liquide - Computacenter