Marriott – Disney Village Paris France

Installation of IPTV, Wireless Access Points, Google Chromecasts & Optical Fiber Network at Marriott Village France

We  managed an interesting project at the Marriott Village Paris, (Next to Disneyland Paris)

There were many things that to fix, among them bad TV reception & bad wireless, so the strategy was to install the fundaments for a new and more performant infrastructure, a fiber optical network, 700 IPTV and over 20 Wireless access points, one in each house, so customer could enjoy a more pleasant experience, on top of that we deployed 2 Google Chromecast in each house, (over 200 houses) so people can watch their videos, photos and much more, the project lasted 3 months.

There were 3 teams in the project

  1. Fiber Network Team
  2. IPTV Install Team, that installed all Video Conference rooms, meeting rooms, Chromecasts and Wireless points
  3. Network renewal team, that also replaced the Head End, antennas, to add more TV channels.

Risk Management

There were many risks to handle but to mention one i that there was snowing heavily in France and the delivery company could not send tucks to deliver TVs or any other equipment ans trucks were temporarily banned from circulating (because of danger of slippery roads)  so, the solution was to ship using small trucks 1 big truck = 3 small trucs, we paid extra fees but we managed to get the TVs and all equipment to the site on schedule, and we could start working and were able to deliver on time

The Outcome

Better TV signal, better internet experience (no more complains in trip adviser) and a more enjoyable holiday experience in the Marriott village France.