Apple-Wi-Fi Renewal

Renewal of WI-FI networks in Apple Stores in France

Companies as “dynamic living entities” evolve every year. How does this affect them?

This type of change impacts business networks (both wired and wireless), so new areas require Wi-Fi access points. Some areas may require more RJ45, Cat5, Cat6 wall outlets to provide network access to workstations, printers or smart devices, these could be office spaces or customer areas, meeting rooms.

The second reason why a wifi or wired network (rj45, cat5 or cat6) must be revised or reorganized is the guarantee of the equipment. Major equipment is only supported for about 3-5 years, so in business it needs to be replaced periodically in order to have a current warranty with vendors. That’s where It Concierge comes in, when businesses scale and need upgrades, migrations, and more.

  • We start with an initial quote request via phone, followed by an in-person or videoconference meeting to discuss what is expected of us for the project.
  • We often carry out a preliminary visit to assess the situation (access with ladders and equipment, parking space, etc.), we also request the plans of the offices and the topology of the network necessary for the site.
  • We organize a conference call to define the scope of the project with the Apple IT service provider or any other contractor.
  • Then we calculate the resources needed: human resources, quantity and type of cable required (usually CAT 6 BLIND), we estimate the tools and parts needed, Flux or non-Flux testers, and as needed, we establish a budget.
  • We discuss deliverables, procedures and standards to be met (e.g. for Apple, even the distance between the floor and the access point is specified, and how precisely it must be installed, cable color codes, tools to use, etc.) and finally we evaluate the tasks to be carried out before and during the deployment, the protocol to be tested once the access point is installed.
We have deployed 12 Apple sites in France over the past 5 years, and a new site in Vélizy-Villacoublay which we have deployed from scratch.
The simplified process:
  • Resource collection
  • Project planning
  • Wiring and cable testing
  • Installation of access points (about 35 in each Apple Store)
  • Connectivity testing
  • Report and delivery

This project aims to illustrate how we can help companies during times of change, for a smooth transition.

Date 2020
Client Apple Inc.