Installation of Security Cameras in Relay Stores in France

Installation of Video Security Systems in Point Relay Stores in France

The problem

Shrinkage costs retailers more than €49 billion across Europe annually (source Stores need protection against shoplifters, hooligan and staff violence as well.

Store managers and owners now days understand that video security systems are a must to have in order to protect their business, staff and goods.

The Options:

Security systems can be a powerful dissuasive factor and help preventing, thefts, vandals, attacks on your staff.

Our Role:

While we (IT Concierge) do not provide these services, we are integrators and we were appointed to perform installations of Video security systems in France for Pont Relay Lagardère

The process:

– We were briefed on the solution by the company who appointed us (as integrators) we went through the procedures in order to achieve the desired outcome: a final video security system installed and 100 % functional on the customer site. 

– We scheduled ourselves the visits directly with the stores

– We stage the equipment : Wisenet  HD DVR Security System and cameras previously, the configuration is pretty simple and only take about one hour or two

– We provision (order) cables and terminations and other materials for each site.

– The customer provided us with the main equipment, the equipment used: Wisenet  HD DVR Security System with AXIS indoor retail security cameras and a standard computer screen, there was also a modem in the pack that come preconfigured, as you can guess, it’s purpose is to access the equipment and cameras remotely (maintenance and monitoring)

– The equipment is sent to us for staging / configuration (according to customer’s guide or established procedure)

On Site:

  1. We walk through the manager (or appointed staff) “deployment process”, also inform them how long the installation will take place, and how long it will take usually from one two 2 days
  2. We inform the “what we need from them” (e.g. space to keep our tools, equipment and materials such as cables)
  3. The first thing is to discuss with the store manager is to agree the positions of the cameras:
    • Cameras next or pointing to payment tellers
    • Cameras in hidden places where shoplifters can chose to still goods
    • Cameras in every entrance
  4. Our staff is trained to be the less intrusive as possible.
  5. We wear uniforms and take into practice all security measures (to avoid accidents and to no disturb staff and customers)
  6. Our techs proceed to unpack equipment, perform cabling, equipment replacement or installation of new equipment, if it is a new store.
  7. After the install we run a brief test protocol procedure
  8. The final step is to show the shop manager the equipment working and sign the Installation report, or Work Order or (procès-verbaldeinstallation in French)